About Us

Mission Statement

"To provide supporters of Scented Sugars with an exciting, fun and memorable experience by revolutionizing the candle industry. "


Company Profile

"Welcome to Scented Sugars! Our goal is to invite you into our kitchen to enjoy dessert through the scents of our candles, soy melts,and bath bombs. Scented Sugars was started in January 2015 with the help of my partner in life and in business, Erika. We share a love for aromatic candles, especially the ooey gooey dessert-scented, the reminder of something sweet in the oven is like no other! The smell is warm, inviting, and friendly. As a diabetic, the confection-based scents help me cope with not being able to indulge in sweets, while still enjoying the aroma. This personal connection has lead us to donate a portion of our proceeds to various diabetic charity organizations.
To maintain the natural and clean burning integrity of our candles, they are 100% soy, with no toxins or additives. We work hard to maintain an eco-friendly reputation, using natural ingredients and oils. Scented Sugars products are hand-made and hand-poured, with each candle coming in an 8 oz jar. We encourage our supporters to recycle the jars, we will even refill them at a discounted rate! We also offer an assortment of soy melts, soy melt warmers, and uniquely designed bath bombs. Each of our items are crafted with calming relaxation in mind to send our supporters senses to an oven fresh, sweet indulgent moment. Enjoy!"